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Wrack is a world just emerging from a dark age, when demons and devils appeared from somewhere/nowhere, and waged a battle for supremacy, which left the planet scarred and changed. Finally after a war that lasted over a century, Humans have emerged as the dominant race… at least in the part of the world known to the players… with the Elder races holding on to isolated pockets of civilization.

Armies of demons and chaos beast haunt a frozen wasteland north of the Great divide, and a barren wasteland exists where once there were countless miles of plentiful plains, and wooded forests, inhabited by devils and mutated animals of terrible countenance.

Civilization is blossoming forth from this crucible of death and destruction, and hope flourishes for a new world order. Parties of adventurers probe lands untouched by the divine races for nearly a century, and with the threat of war diminishing into a distant memory, fame, fortune and adventure reach out to those bold enough to embrace it.

It is into this land that our group of intrepid explorers adventures forth. From humble beginnings are great stories to be told.

Home Page

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